First Blog Post- Eskys Portrait

Hello Everyone, I thought as it is my  first blog post I would show you some of the steps it takes to complete a finished piece of art. What better painting to show you then  Esky’s Portrait! I used Liquitex Basics and Heavy Body acrylic paints on a Fredrix Belgian Linen Nature Core Paint Board with a airbrushed background. (This was my first attempt at using the airbrush for a background and I’m quite happy with it!) Its always is nice to have a nice smooth surface to work on if you want to use an airbrush and get fine detail. Here are a few in progress shots of Esky’s Portrait. I spent around 10 hours on this painting and as you will soon see some of the early stages are a bit scary!

Reference Photo
Stage 1 Blocking in the fur
Stage 2 Creating the texture on the face
Stage 3 Blocking in the mane
Stage 4 Building the layers and colours of the mane
IMG_7613 wm
Finished Artwork

There it is!!! A little insight of the layers and stages it is needed to complete a artwork. To get a nice end result you have to push through those ugly stages!

Thanks reading my first blog post.

From Mollie

6 thoughts on “First Blog Post- Eskys Portrait”

  1. Wow Mollie. I was checking to see if there was any pictures on your maybe new horse and instead I got a lesson on painting Esky. Well done and easy to follow.


  2. I love your whole website Mollie!
    Your wonderful talent is complimented by your hard working approach to life!
    Rubee will be excited to see this!


  3. I just want to add that it won’t be long until we will be attending one of your exhibitions of your works.
    I’m sure you could manage to play some harp in the background to enhance the mood 🙂


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