Some Awesome Coloured Pencils!

Hello, I am back!

Today I’m going to be sharing some of my all time favourite Coloured Pencils! These are all artist quality and all with a bit of a price tag, so just warning you!



Polychromos Coloured Pencils are oil based pencils made by Faber-Castell. They have quite a hard lead in them that makes fine detail a piece of cake and they also work brilliantly with Powder Blender. They have a nice colour range including lots of yellows, reds, blues, greens and greys. There are up to 120 colours which you can get in sets or open stock. (Just letting you know they don’t come in the wooden box, mum bought that) I think there are only a few pencils in the full set that aren’t 100% Lightfast.


Derwent Drawing Pencils

Made by Derwent, these coloured pencils are completely different to Polychromos. They are wax based and have a very soft lead, they blend really smoothly and  are very opaque. Unfortunately they only come in sets up to 24 but the colours are very soft and neutral, great for wildlife art. They don’t hold a fine point so its hard to get fine detail. They are more suited to doing soft backgrounds. These are all Lightfast.


Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour

These are oil based coloured pencils like the Polychromos, They blend really smoothly which is awesome. These and the Derwent Drawing are a great combo for soft backgrounds. Since they are oil based they also work great with Powder Blender. They come in sets and you can also get them open stock, with a range up to 72 colours. I have only recently bought a handful of them so I haven’t had a great deal of experience. I think I might need to do a few more experiments, but another great pencil. There are only a handful of pencils in the full set that aren’t Lightfast.



I thought I better mention the Luminance Coloured Pencils made by Caran D’Ache. As you can see my one white pencil has had a bit of use! (Its about 5cms long)  These are wax based and are very opaque. Now I only have tried the white but I have heard great things about the rest. They have a lot of neutral tones that are great for wildlife and portraits. They have a range of up to 76 pencils which you can also get in sets and open stock. These are ALL Lighfast. (and a bit pricey)

Well I hope you have learnt a bit from my run down of some of my favourite coloured pencils!!

Thank you for reading,


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