Stormy’s Photo Shoot

Today I’m sharing some photos from a shoot I did last year starring my pony Stormy. My aim was to get a clear and clean action shot of Stormy jumping. The only way I could get Stormy to run and jump without me running along side him is if I free lunged him in the round yard.

What I’m going to do is critique each photo (what I like/what I could improve on) so you can learn from my mistakes and apply that in your own photography!


In this first photo it is a clear image  and Stormy is positioned well in the frame which  is good. There is nothing that is dragging your eye off out of the shot. The only problems I can see is the front of the jump is blocking his front foot and the black post behind his neck is in a bad spot. All in all I’m quite happy with this photo.


The pose that Stormy is in looks like its frozen in time which I like but the black post is there again which is a little distracting. This one is reasonably clear and Stormy looks nice and shiny. The end of the jump goes out of the frame which pulls your eye off a bit. I do like this shot.


Stormy’s position in the frame is really nice and the image is well focused, I’m beginning to get the feeling that I didn’t place the jump very well as that black post is in a bad position yet again! The jump is also cutting off a lot of his leg. Not a bad photo though 🙂


This photo is very clear and Stormy’s position is good, I like this one because it gives you the feeling your down low, more at his height and he looks relaxed. Hey look! There’s that black post again!! This photo has hit the nail on the head for me 🙂

Which one was your favourite? Please feel free to comment which one you liked the best!

I really hope you have learnt something, Thanks for reading!


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