I’ve been playing the Harp for four years and I love sharing my music! My harp’s name is Cherry and she’s an Irish Folk Harp. Here are my main pieces


This old English Song is such a classic!

Scarborough Fair

Another old Classic

When you and I were Young Maggie

Pretty much everyone sings along with this one when I play it!

Amazing Grace

This song is always a hit!

Aquatintes 1

This quite a modern, French piece composed by Benard Andres


From the Highlands of Scotland


Definetlty one of my all time favourites! By Lenard Cohen

King of the Fairies

Another of my favourites! This is an Irish Jig

Pachelbels Canon

This song is usaully played at weddings, this is the hardest piece I play.

Trip to Sligo (also known as Lark on Strand)

I really enjoy playing this song.

Wild Mountain Thyme

From Scotland, this piece as a lovely lilt